Wired Article On Eyesight

Interesting read: https://www.wired.com/story/failing-vision-screens-blindness/

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So presbus means old man, having presbyopia. You being the eye Guru, are you already experiencing symptoms of guruopia?

Symptoms include:

  • Rays of light being emitted from your eyes shining enlightenment on those willing to receive the divine wisdom
  • Eyebrows so long that they provide extra challenge and stimulus for you to clear up whilst partially blocking your vision
  • An extra set of oculars growing in the back of your head
  • Finally being to see and handle infrared and ultraviolet lighting giving you superhuman vision
  • Partially developed X-ray vision

Thanks for sharing Jake, Mind blowing article

I tweeted her, complementing her on her article. And it really was good. Especially when she didn’t seem aware of the possibility of vision improvement. Her poetry made me want to go outside. Hope all her readers do just that!

I made a brief mention of the possibility of vision improvement and included the word Endmyopia into the message too.

I’ve never tweeted anything. Boy, you really have to be brief, don’t you?! Good practice in getting my point across.

I’m going to go learn about trees!


Yea I feel that if she got enough tweets from us all, it would get her attention … which could be awesome.

Sadly I don’t really know how to inspire our darling community to take that kind of action from more members. Really happy that you did tweet, thank you! :slight_smile: