Wow! distance hyperopia is corrected naturally by the cilliary muscle! (myopia excluded)

according to this great animation video about hyperopia, when a hyperopic is looking in the distance, the light is not falling on the retina, just like with myopia and the distance looks blurry as well.

however, the cilliary muscle is able to fix the problem in the hyperopia… but why not in myopia as well? the video is not going in deph here and not explaining this phenomena .

I thought about it and I think I have got it! :raising_hand_man:

when the cilliary muslce is contracting it moves the light forward (in the direction of the cornea). so this is why the cilliary muscle can’t move the light to the other direction (to the retina) !! :star_struck:

another fascinating thing here is the discovery for me that a hyperopic person suffers greatly from
an overused cilliary muscle


The lens in the eye is a plus lens. The relaxed position of the muscle is the weakest plus, the tensed position is the strongest plus. In neither position does it turn into a minus lens.