WOW: this about sums it up

Much as I appreciate the free-wheeling, sometimes free-associating, videos that Jake does, he shows here that he can also be a master of compression and verbal economy. This is great!


Another great one @jakey ! I really like these new animated videos! No endless rants :wink:, but just short, to the point and clear information. I’m sure these will make people curious to learn more about the method.


Never previously been accused of this.

I started doing these just since I’ve been vaccinated. :thinking:

More might be coming. Changed animators, this guy slightly more fitting into an ongoing budget. Now just a question whether I can manage the verbal compressions repeatedly for other topics.


I see the beard made it into the video :grin:


No kidding, Jakey, you do the spare, clear thing very well.

We should all be only so happy as to have a worthwhile mission, well-executed, as you already have. Whatever future choices you make (and I’d not blame you if you threw us all overboard to fend for ourselves in future with what you’ve already given us), you have not lived in vain—which I take to be one of the main and best human goals.

Dude stop it. :joy: The accolades are entirely undue and not necessary and make me feel like an impostor.

It’s the morning procrastination project. It’s fun and lots of random interesting things come of it. Happy to share and connect new dots!