You Can Invite Le Meow Friends To The Group

A couple of darlings asked, so here’s the scoop on inviting friends to Le Meow:

Ideally for those who already understand endmyopia and won’t clutter the forum with “so what’s this all about” threads. I also like trading reviews of endmyopia for forum access, since it’s otherwise almost impossible to get reviews (9,000 FB group members, and a hundred reviews, yikes) - and I myself always dig for reviews when I find some new topic, so a bit partial to seeing thumbs ups for what we do.

To invite a friend, all you have to do is send them to the regular LeMeow URL From there they get the option to sign up.

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If it’s OK I will invite Imran the optometrist, he’s still new but is really excited by endmyopia and for sure will end up furthering our cause within the optometry community. Plus, he is a super nice guy.
Also, I just left a 5-star review :grin:


Thanks for the review, Susan!