Your Thoughts On Infographics?

Been thinking about hiring a minion to design us some pretty infographics.

Infographics, the type of things that get clicked and shared a lot and offer a bit of an easy high level view of things.

If you have thoughts for or a desire to contribute to the creation of some infographics, let me know here. Thinking in terms of content here, bits that catch attention and interest and people would care to know about. What’s a quick infographic that make you’d go “hum wow I didn’t know that”?

I’ve got various starting outlines but nothing that’s remotely worthy of being created.

You won’t need to actually design anything, I’ll pay for somebody to do the infographic-ey visual bits.


Normal person standing 20 ft from a wall and what does he see.
And in the same picture, mark where a person who has less visual acuity would need to stand in order to get similar visual acuity, and how thick would his glasses be, and how does the snellen chart look like if he was standing at 20 ft.
This can come in handy:


You could hire a minion BUT I use for free and my infographics look like that (I’m not an artistic person at all). As for the message, I would think some information about how myopia has been rising in numbers, to point out that it is not a genetic disease but rather a result of our lifestyle.


Cool idea Jake…EM in a visual nutshell😊 Definitely need the 100÷cm=diopters calculation which I have never seen written or illustrated and was certainly an ‘oh wow’ discovery.

Itamar has a great idea…maybe a series of small stick figures looking at the E chart, starting with a sad face and gradually smiling with each cm improvement.


Brilliant idea, love the wolfram suggestion too.

This is what I’m hoping to do more of, the power of community and all our brains together, vs. just my pea brain alone trying to figure out these kinds of ideas.


I’d like to see an infographic of the mechanisms of ciliary spasm and lens-induced axial elongation! A visual would hit people harder, ‘THIS is what you are doing to your eyes…’


I agree! I think most people think I’m a paranoid loon when I talk about glasses making the eyes longer and the problem worse.


I also like the idea of putting something together about how glasses can increase myopia. You could have one person with normal eyes who doesn’t wear glasses and then on the side have what an elongated eye looks like and it’s looking through a pair of glasses just to see the same thing the regular eye can see perfectly on its own.

You could also do one on close-up eye strain to drive more awareness about that that. Some things like “too much close-up can cause temporary myopia” + how to fix it - "take breaks every 3 hours for at least 1 hour (or something similar). You can also say how you don’t need glasses if you currently wear glasses and have a sense of myopia since it’s temporary and your eyes aren’t now “broken”. Just take breaks!

Lastly, you could introduce a story of the life of a typical person with myopia. For instance, a child likes to read or go on the screens a lot and is tested for myopia and gets a prescription. Then a couple of years later they get a higher prescription and so on and so forth until their lenses are huge. Then at the end you can say: "Sound familiar? This doesn’t have to happen - here/s how to fix it:

If you want to get more into this I suggest reading Presuasion by Cialdini on how to make things more persuasive and The Power of Glamour by Virginia Postrel.


Brilliant ideas. Now to doing outlines of what to give to a design minion … :smiley:

Really a great idea to create some infographics :+1: As said above, it’s far easier to understand (even for those who don’t speak English) and to share via social media than text. I’m sure this would bring Endmyopia even more visibility :grinning:
In addition of the other’s suggestions, I think it could be useful to explain active focus this way (just the basic of how to find it, showing how to do print pushing and why not also distance active focus, for example with a road sign).
Perhaps there would be less (at least a little less) questions about it? AF can be a quite abstract concept for some people.

In addition to infographics, I’d love some sort of really simple decal, about postcard size, maybe an image of some glasses with red circle and bar over it, something like that, and underneath, Nothing else. And we could put them guerrilla style on cafe notice boards, graffiti walls, etc :smiley:


Such great ideas! All I can think of to add is something to maybe catch parent’s attention about kids needing less closeup time instead of glasses. Nowadays when I see a cute little kid in glasses, I want to hunt down the prescribing optometrist and slap him. And I want to talk to (lecture, sadly) the parent. I haven’t. :slight_smile: Really don’t want to freak anyone out.


Yes, so good. Infographic targeted at parents :+1:

Any darlings want to volunteer being the architect of an infographic?

I’ll certainly do it but my to-do list is about six months worth of stuff right now. So if you feel like arranging ideas and words and attention, I’ll happily contribute the part of paying an illustrator person to do the graphic-ing part of the project!

Bonus: Be immortalized as creator of the infographic (if you want, of course).

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I volunteer. I’ll do a rough draft and then the illustrator can enhance it. I’m excited. I guess it will take me a week. Is that ok?


That’d be super cool! Maybe feedback from other darlings in this thread, if anyone wants to - and if you like feedback? :slight_smile:

More from wolfram:


That is very super cool. I had no idea that was out there!

Wolfram is awsomeow
I had no idea that dogs see like shit,
And about pantoscopic tilt:

There are also examples about optics. An infographic explaining optics is also an idea to raise awareness.

Moving infographic design specific discussion here: Infographic Design Specifics Thread

Feel free to discuss general Infographic topics here, keep the other thread clear for constructive conversation on the upcoming first effort.