Your Thoughts? Parent & Child Myopia Support Group

All right, kittehz. Need your input with this parents and myopic kids problem!

More work? :sob:

The e-mails and messages and Facebook posts from sad or scared or panicked parents with myopic children are really starting to be a bit overwhelming.

It’s all quite different from you or me going, hey I want to do something about this myopia I’ve been having for the past x-many years. Sure once in a while somebody is particularly distraught about their eyes but in general, it’s not an urgently emotional topic.

Parents though, there is a lot of (understandable) emotion. And it’s kind of a lot to be reading, most days these days. Leaving me a bit helpless since I can’t myself pat everybody on the back and reassure them that it’ll be fine, a bit of a learning curve, not the end of the world, that what they’re being told about a permanent genetic defect is simply not true.

Thinking … fellow parents. There are plenty of success stories, lots of parents have figured this out. Can we recruit them to be the ones helping the new arrive-ees?

Maybe, maybe not. Parents are busy. Once a problem is solved, mostly people move on with life and all the other things going on.

:man_shrugging: I made a Facebook group, to test the various waters: Redirecting...

Would love your thoughts on how we might structure a long term successful approach to helping parents sort this out!


It sure does seem like a growing pattern. On the discord server I’ve seen several questions about this, although it’s often from the children/young adults asking what to do about non co-operative parents. Also having recommended Endmyopia courses (when open) only to learn that they couldn’t do it as they are only for 25 years or older.image

A pdf for parents and maybe a pdf for children. Obviously you’ll have to be real careful about the contents.
The aim would be to response to distressed parents by providing a pdf. At least that could reduce the urgency and the pressure in the situation for both you and them.


I agree this is a big need in the community. I have cringed time and time again reading posts to the effect of " I took away tablet/phone, books, coloring books, Legos, play dough etc…and their correction; now what do I do?" My first instinct is to respond; GIVE IT BACK!
I am no child psychologist but I have been working with kids my whole life and I can say for 100% certain that approach will backfire without question…

I had a similar idea when I created the wiki page, it could probably use another pass or three but I wanted to get something down to start with: Child Myopia - EndMyopia Wiki


Please, yes. THat’s my first gut instinct whenever I see these parents creating topics in the FB group. It’s mostly psychological alarms that pop off.
Myopia sucks but it’s not worth instilling in your child essentially a paranoia in your child that you do too much close-up activity. Developing competing interests is important. Treating the children with respect by valuing their opinion is important.


Idk if I count here: son still doesn’t need the glasses nearly 2 years after the pronouncement that “It is only a matter of time”, daughter still stable but quite blur adapted I should think, since the scary doctor lady scared her out of wearing her glasses anytime she can get away with it by ordering her to wear the headache inducing new correction full time… but I am happy to help anyway I can.


That’s a tough one. I can’t, already way out there on a limb just going against mainstream optometry. Advising minors is just one move too far.

Agreed. Learn first, then make small, targeted, playful changes.

But now we’re talking parenting. And I’m about the last person to offer any parenting advice!