Your Wishlist: Next Video Animations?

As per this news 1 Minute Explainer Animation: Now Insta Stolen 😂 - #14 by jakey we’re now collecting suggestions for the next video animations.

If you get all ambitious and want to kick in any scripts (2-3 minutes max), that might also work. :grimacing::+1:t2:

Want to get the most out of the animators full time attention.


Is it just me or do we want these transformed into animated format :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Active Focus is far and away the biggest pitfall/misconception for newcomers. Usually the first thing people think is that it’s an eye exercise/some wacky internet sales pitch.

Animated video where an emmetrope is compared to a glasses wearer, both doing active focus in the distance. They are both doing the same thing, but one person happens to be wearing glasses.

Explanation of how wearing powerful glasses for a long period of time means your ability to accommodate faraway objects is reduced, and you have to relearn the skill.

Hypothesis of what we think active focus is, no definites (does Jake definitely assert that it’s the ciliary muscle? I don’t know)

Possible mention of that study mentioning transient AL change with increased accomodation.

Mainly the first three paragraphs.


I think only the first two. And then maybe do another with the a bit reiteration and put emphasis on the third.
Forget the forth and fifth, those are hard to discuss in long articles heavy with links and references, so I don’t think they are good topic for short videos.

I honestly don’t remember ever see anything from @jakey about how AF works :thinking: I would be curious though what is his theory.


Already kicked in my two cents with the script I dropped in the other thread…
Also agree that some kind of active focus animation would be good. It could hit on pushing focus and then pulling focus, and with visual representations of a small bit of blur clearing would maybe head off some of the questions related there. If my tuning in analogy is helpful have at.

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Want a maxi- and encyclopediac wishlist? The whole seven-day e-mail animated would shake the earth. That series is our equivalent of the four Gospels, by which I mean it propels the “believer” on to learn more.


I have long thought we need to make a video series out of the email series! Completely behind this concept


Yep. For better or worse, we live in a video culture more than a literary one. We need to meet people where they are. The e-mail series is genius (or so it seemed to me when I was in need of it). It deserves to go into another medium.

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I have toyed with the idea of taking it on but I am not sure I would do it justice. I def feel graphics and animations would be needed and that is beyond me. It would make a cool group project though if we had anyone in our ranks who could and would manage that end of it.

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Sí. It needs a real video specialist.

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Yes! Yes! and Yes! I’m on for a cool group project. If @jakey wants to go in the 7 day email direction …


One that explains differentials and normalized. What they are for and when to use them.


It is not animated but I literally just did that…

Not sure what the goal is for a single video, but I am imagining an explainer of how natural vision is operates. Do we have this already? The emmetrope naturally looks to the distance and allows objects to come into focus. The fully corrected myope looks and it’s already focused (by the lenses) so there is no [active focusing]. Until his myopia increases. But does he [active focus] at this point, or does he just get new glasses? I wonder if we myopes never learned natural vision focus and that’s how we got where we are.

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And I can no longer resist! I’m gonna rock this boat. I don’t believe emmetropes active focus. I know everyone here believes this and for a long time I did too I even told my sister she had worked out AF on her own; but I do not believe it anymore.
This is the scenario given time and again to explain how the emmetrope supposedly uses active focus: the emmetrope may look up after a long session of near work and see a bit of blur, they take a second look blink a time or two and the blur goes away.
Now here is why I call it out that it isn’t AF: the blur stays clear, it doesn’t come back after a minute or five or even hours unless they reengage with prolonged static vision. My conclusion: ciliary lock up > released; we know from experience AF doesn’t just stay, after enough stimulus through AF the eye adapts and then the clarity remains without the necessity of AF, at which point we reduce again of course but I digress, the point is the emmetrope doesn’t use AF.
Now babies! Whole other matter, and no one actually teaches them to do it! It is pure instinct and they absolutely AF. But I digress yet again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though maybe not; if we want to drive home an unquestionable point on how naturally occurring AF can be… well it is my favorite point to use with parents who are tearing their hair out trying to explain AF to children, whom actually should just be encouraged to engage with their world outside a 2 foot radius… Everyone has used AF before, it is not that mysterious, you have just forgotten and have to relearn the skill.

I think most of us had good natural vision in our early youth, we all already know how this story goes; long sessions of static close up > blur > correction > hyperopic defocus > axial elongation > blur > increased correction, rinse and repeat


I’m thinking more at a distance. Who has ever looked into the distance and not seen what is there, then kept looking and it came into focus? I don’t remember ever doing this.

Now who has looked into the distance and not seen what is there, then gave it up for “too far away?” I remember this always.

It would make an interesting study to ask true emmetropes if this actually happens:

I feel like this is more common:

Especially since us myopes spent much of our lives corrected to 20/15 we were probably right to conclude “too far away” in which case the emmetrope would likely do the same… but I would be interested to find out none the less, maybe we all need to start polling some emmetropic friends

I have a whole family I can poll.


Anytime you throw in a religious context, I’m already sold. Beard and robe? :thinking:

Challenge now, breaking them down into 2-3 minute pieces each, that still do the job.

Indeed that makes the most sense.

The animator will be with us full time for a while it looks like. She figures she can finish one 2-3 minute video a week. I’ll have to have two voiceovers ready to go for her on the 20th, when she starts.

I will give you a different example*: we was on a walk with my wife (who is emmetrope). We was already outside for 30-60 minutes. I asked her if she can read a some words on a traffic signs far away. She looked, and at first she couldn’t. Then tried a bit more and for a few seconds she could read it, but then again not, and and was not sure (we walked closer later to verify it, she saw it correctly). I think that’s the exact description of AF.
And I had this experience with different emmetrope people: they try to see something, cannot at first, try it a bit more and then they can see it.

* honestly it never occurred to me to use the scenario you mention for emmetrope AF. It’s clearly not, it’s just ciliary release as you write.