Your Wishlist: Next Video Animations?

Very very rough 1st draft of Day 1…

We open to:

An animated version of a cool, ‘hippie’ bearded Jake

(Jake parachutes into the frame/ kite surfs onto a beach or some other cool entry) Hi! My name is Jake Steiner. Long, long ago (animation goes from Jake with beard to Jake with no beard), I had high myopia (Jake squinting to see without glasses), frequent headaches (rubbing his forehead), tired eyes (rubbing his eyes) and terrible night vision (Jake calling out to a cat at night “Meow! Meow! Sadly, it’s just a piece of paper!). But then, I went from -5 diopter glasses to 20/20 (Jake in thick glasses transforms to biker ‘dude’ Jake on a motorcycle, without them). No eye exercises, no vitamins, no surgery (Jake emphatically crosses out each of these 3 written on a whiteboard). After the truth about myopia was revealed to me (Jake sitting in lotus pose, light enters his eye, falls exactly on his retina, eyes widen in surprise), I have helped 1000s to recover their eyesight (Students about to graduate, class of 20/20 written on their robes, throw their glasses up into the air, instead of their hats).

(Jake, sitting in an armchair – Matrix scene) Will this method work for you? That depends 100% on you! This is not a quick fix. Getting your eyesight back is going to take work. (Jake extends a hand out with a red pill and a blue pill). A hand reaches out to take the red pill. Jake: Follow me!

BLANK SCREEN. DAY 1 is typed out.

“The Truth About Myopia: How your eye works” appears below it, in a single flash.

Before you can go about improving your eyesight, you first have to know how your eye works. Myopia happens in 2 stages: today we will learn about the 1st stage, pseudomyopia. Pseudo = temporary; myopia = not being able to see things at a distance. Pseudomyopia is a passing spasm in the circular muscle in your eye which controls focus. This is the ciliary muscle. It controls the lens and changes shape to give you clear vision, when you look near or far. When you look at something far away, this muscle is relaxed. When you look at something near, the muscle contracts. The closer you look, the greater the ciliary muscle contracts.

When you spend long hours doing close-up work, the ciliary muscle locks up and the lens gets stuck in close-up mode. Because of this, things at a distance seem blurry. For almost everybody, this is the 1st sign of myopia. To resolve this pseudomyopia, you don’t need glasses.

You may have some questions – but if I don’t need glasses, why am I wearing them? How do I get rid of this blur and the glasses? Why do my glasses become thicker and thicker? The answer to these questions lies in the 7 days, so stick around. Cannot wait? Check out the links in the description box/ link to ‘how glasses make your eyesight worse.’


  • Have left out the studies; links can be given in the description box.
  • Lattice degeneration, retinal detachment, macular degeneration can be referred to during the topic of axial elongation.
  • Astigmatism measuring tool to be added when talking about astigmatism.
  • The animated video ‘how glasses make your eyesight worse’, seems more or less like day 2?
  • Script in bold is Jake speaking.

Everybody can AF at any distances but not everyone can select the right distance for the given glasses or the right glasses for the given distance.
More on this

Let me know what I can do to help.


Def gonna start asking questions of emmetropes now lol

This is most often the scenario I hear when the example is given of emmetropes using AF. Minus the stays clear portion, that is the part I asked my sister about.

I’m liking this whole idea, especially using character changes to highlight the timeline. Very cool.

I wonder at what point the visual hyperbole might go over the top. Not a critique, just what goes through my head as I’m reading it. Super creative … too creative at points? :thinking::joy:

You’re the bestest. :heart:

I think I’m on board with this 7 day guide animation premise. At the risk of too many cooks in the kitchen, I’m curious about ideas and tweaks and suggestions and things, to turn those into 2-3 minute voiceovers.

Especially since they’re not at all cheap to make, feel more confident with some level of consensus on ideas. :thinking:

And then whatever other topics should be in that format. The more scripts I got to read out and give to the animator, the better. :grimacing:


Don’t worry Sharada I’m down to make a bootleg version if it comes to that

I’ve had the idea for the longest time to do a BRODYQUEST parody but with Jake, called MYOPIAQUEST. This is like a 2 year long idea. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate it

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I often appreciate things that I don’t appreciate.


Like @Iceghoull’s Myopia Wars comic

I think a super funny animation could have been made about @jakey’s “origin” story. How he got myopic, why he started this whole journey, how did he found the method, etc. I’m not sure though it can fit in 2-3 minutes :thinking: But just imagine:

  • Starting screen: kid Jake as a happy child, playing sports, etc.
  • kid Jake gets glasses, he is happy like getting a Christmas gift when going to glasses shopping
  • kid Jake struggles with blur when playing sports, then gets a water polo ball in his face
  • Animation about Jake growing up and getting thicker and thicker lenses and gets less and less happy about it
  • Jake starting going library, searching for books about eye biology, etc.
  • Also Jake trying to speak with optometrists, but they just say not possible (twisting head left or right), it’s genetic, some of them just go: :man_shrugging:
  • Jake gets to that Asian optometrist and goes: :bulb:
  • Jake gets his first normalized which is waaaay underprescribed, goes to that foreign Asian country (sorry, I’m bad at remembering names :sweat_smile: ) and sees sh*t, and rides the motorcycle blindly (cars rushing around him), not able to see sign posts, menus, etc.
  • Some transition that Jake experiments and finds out what is working for him what is not
  • Some scenes about Jake starting to tell other people’s about the improvement and they get interested, so Jakes starts to spread the message
  • Some scenes about Jake still struggling with low myopia
  • End scene: Jake taking off his glasses (camera is from Jake’s viewpoint) and it’s just a tiny bit blurry, then blinks one or two and realizes that he can see totally clearly without glasses

Yes, I know the ending scenes are a bit less detailed :sweat_smile: But the starting ones are the fun part :rofl:


Always a risk, got some rainy days in the forecast I will play with it then :grin:
I can run with it either way but point of clarity are you looking for scripts alone or general concepts for the animation as well (with obvious space for artistic license of course)?


Agreed! I am so stoked about this animation series and the whole concept of a ‘cool group project.’

BRODYQUEST! :joy: loved it!

Waiting for the MYOPIAQUEST series … Jake-O-Rama! JakeyzVisionWorld!

If this is not Guru speak…

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Mainly scripts, though le creative ideas always welcome too!

That just gave me flashbacks. Quite accurate too and boy … that was stupid. :joy:

Me too! Finally, finally something different on that whole video front! And now it’s not just me doing it!


I think @halmadavid is onto something. Maybe Jakey would resist becoming a boy-saint as in the scenario, but such a personal journey could be persuasive and engaging.

“Mainly scripts.” Yes! Anything less than truly crisp, professional-looking graphics (and narration) would be counter-productive.

Natural Vision informal poll

That didn’t go anywhere. ALL: I didn’t know how to answer.

In-person questioning - Various: I never paid attention, I don’t know; I don’t remember; I never thought about it; if I did, I’ve forgotten.

I got one positive. My mom remembers such times as might be described as active focus.

This all seems very strange to me. I was actually trying to have a conversation about it, but it felt as if no one is even using vision any longer. What about now? The actual result was disinterest.They were humoring me until we could move the conversation to something else. People don’t get excited about the things that excite me.

Edit: Good old brother- he confirms active focusing. I’m glad he still remembers. Plus he was interested in discussing it.


I can relate too well… thanks for trying anyways

I have been wanting to see the 7 day guide flipped to video format for at least a year so I will help make it a reality anyway I can :smiley:
That said, the emails pretty much read like a narrative anyways though a little robust for video format; beyond shaving it down a little and adding the links to the description the flip to video really doesn’t need anything added to it beyond recording the voice over and the animator’s visuals,

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Intentionality. (TM Hannie)

Use it or lose it. Or, lose it and regain it.

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arnold schwarzenegger explosion GIF

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@jakey in case you want to …

  • pin your comment in this video

  • add the 2nd video to the animation playlist

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