Your Wishlist: Next Video Animations?

How To Measure Your Eyesight

The next installment of the animated short video series is in ze vorks, jaaaaa. Following ya’lls suggestion of using the 7 day e-mail guide as template for the first round of these.

Liking so far - contrary to the usual content - that my face isn’t in them (though voice still, yikes) and the bit of script for less ramble. Nice to mix it up, try new stuff!

Last one is up now too: How I Improved My Eyesight Naturally | Endmyopia | Jake Steiner - YouTube

How I Improved My Eyesight Naturally  Endmyopia  Jake Steiner-low

No definitely longer plans for now, just seeing what happens. The animator is full time on a trial basis though so depending on how she enjoys working on these things and how the audience feels about the product … :man_shrugging: :yum:

All that to say, feedback welcome, as usual just playing things by ear here with hopefully insights from you!


I love it! Having the audio and visual seems like a great way to follow up the text lesson. Also when the installments are done the links can be tacked into the emails guide too, like a crash “this is what you just learned,” repetition is very important to the learning process after all.


That’s the voice I was looking for! I really like this one’s voice (and generally the whole video). I think it’s a really good direction in every aspect :slight_smile:


So … The next video is up :heart:.



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I like these animations. I think they are good investments for spreading the EM info to new audiences.

The first merch to sell could be this cool measuring tape that doesn’t only retract but also shoots out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Diopter measuring tapes


No, not just a simple tape, that’s not enough. I want the type that is like how the tape moves at 2:10 in the animation. Judging from her videos @gemilymez could appreciate that, too.


Basic error is the video.
100 / cm distance (to blur) is a positive number. Myopia is a negative number.


The ‘How I improved my eyesight naturally’ video has been the only ‘premiered’ (animation) video, as of now. 7.6k views in a week.

The reason could be that the title is a ‘searched’ one. Or people want the steps - how did Jake improve his vision. Or could it also be that it was a scheduled premiere? I noticed quite a few likes and comments even before the video came out.

Wanna try another scheduled premiere, @jakey? For the next video?

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If per your analysis that is most tempting, sure. :grimacing:


How To Measure Eye Strain

The next episode of the animated beard, now in development.


Hope to see the ‘premiere’ soon :wink: #canthardlywait

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Was good idea to remind me. Who knows what I actually remember to do!