YouTube Censors LASIK Criticism?

Now, we’re of course not huge on views in our YouTube channel in general. Still, look at the videos with the lowest view counts ever, on our channel: It’s all LASIK topics.



Weird? No. Unfair? I think so.
Many youtubers who do not comply with the current narrative get the same results. Along with followers being unsubscribed, that did not unsubscribe by themselves.
I think comedians have it the worst. They’re making fun, but NOO they’re triggering people and someone is offended. Let’s censor the video. :rofl:
Good times for the free speech. :innocent: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nah Jake this isn’t censorship, the disparity in views isn’t big enough. I think it’s getting less views because it isn’t a rainbow coloured steps video. EMers probably don’t want LASIK anyway so they feel the don’t have to watch the podcast.

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I think there might be a youtube algorithm bias here, it might not be getting recommended to the usual viewership, and… I hate to admit it, but when you remember the comments left on the original podcast about how “if you think LASIK causes dissatisfaction you’re wrong”, I think a lot of people genuinely are afraid of watching these videos and prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Maybe they had it, maybe a family member, maybe they plan to have it, at any rate they’re not prepared to think critically about it. Thankfully, the conversation should still be available for them to listen to, once they’re ready.


A bias for sure. YT sees watch time on videos like this isn’t as good as the other videos, and promotes it less. IDK about outright censorship.

I think you have some bias here :slight_smile: I have two big point of why this can happen:

  1. If you check the first LASIK video has similar count as the other non-LASIK. It can totally happen that many people only checked the first one, and then there is no reason to check the others. Generally I don’t think Endmyopia is recommended much at all for “non-followers” (because of the low sub and view counts), so I would not expect these shorts generate much traffic when posted after the “main” video (would be interesting to try it next time the other way… but I know, more logistic).
  2. Their title is much more “findable”. Check the titles, all of the other will provide a ton of opportunity to find if you search for totally general terms like “vision improvement”, “glasses”, “myopia”, etc. But what you need to find the others? Directly searching for LASIK or maybe “dry eyes”. Or the same explanation in way better (although longer) form: Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective - YouTube :slight_smile:

Also as others said people searching for LASIK most likely searching for reassurance, not scare away :slight_smile: It’s not a rational behaviour, but that’s true for most behavior of the homo sapiens species :man_shrugging:


I was thinking the same thing as @halmadavid (point 1). I for example listened to the full audio podcast (not on YouTube), so indeed there is no need for me to watch the short clips. That doesn’t mean the short clips don’t have merit though. I think many people don’t like to watch long YouTube videos unless a particular subject really interests them. I know I don’t. When a video is 10 minutes or longer, chances are I won’t watch it right away, and maybe never, unless I’m really interested. So these short clips might be a way do get some people interested to dig a little deeper.

Yeah in this way maybe these are much more representative for “new viewers” count than any other videos. So it’s not that they are too low, but the others are only higher because regulars view them.


I’ll buy that. If you haven’t had it but want it, you probably don’t want to watch this. And if you already had it, you shouldn’t watch it.

Ok fine. We’re doing a couple of giant conspiracy podcasts next if this rational argument sort of thing doesn’t stop.


The lasik videos are relatively new, That could explain things.

Wait for the account deletion notice before you turn on your paranoid mind on :rofl:

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