YouTube demotes Angie Hepp (Endmyopia supporter)

A shout out for @Angie Hepp as YouTube has stopped promoting all her videos.:upside_down_face:

^ above screenshot is graph showing her channel views.

Some highlights of her vision improvement videos.

Angie Hepps vision improvement playlist



Some background information:
Angie went from -3.25/-4.75 to 20/20.


Might be part of Google’s new YMYL initiative, scrubbing most non mainstream health stuff from search (apparently).

Hit endmyopia as well, search traffic down from 4,000 to less than 1,000 a day.

Excellent time for us all to find better ways to share audiences and ideas than waiting for Google to lead people to our doors.


Yes. My thought was this also. Youtube going with the big $$$$, promoting the establish view on subjects and often denying science. Google search has been like this for a few years now, highly political, so I have Google blocked and use DuckDuckGo as a search engine. Seems that YouTube might go the same way soon.

Voice will be less censored. So recommend making use of podcasts and voice interviews where possible.


Another victim of the “silicon valley consensus”. This is bad for Endmyopia; Angie’s channel is a great introduction that convinced many people to come here.

Funny how people are surprised that reactionary politics are on the rise.

To be honest, I can only think of two reasons this doesn’t have a hundred times more views. Either, everyone is now too brainwashed to understand this argument, or it’s being manually suppressed.

Whenever you are bullied by collectivists, please spread messages like this one. We are the exact kind of dissidents this video is about. The collective is the problem and trying to shut us down.

This is why Alex Jones was the canary in the coal mine. To the public, we are conspiracy theorists too. Where was everyone when this began? Are people becoming so complacent that they forget the principles of liberty?


Wow, thank you so much, Sam! I’m so grateful for your support! I’ve been continuing to work on my channel, SEO, tags, description, titles, upload time/frequency, etc, and none of it is making any difference, so it’s definitely something on YouTube’s end. I’m uploading a new vision update video tomorrow, with the results from my optometrist visit and confirmation of improvement! Unfortunately, my genetic condition has significantly worsened over the past few months, and my severe malnutrition and dehydration as well as my deteriorating connective tissue has made me fall back quite a bit. However, I’m still thrilled, because my current prescription (optometrist confirmed) is still less than my last prescription from 7 years ago! People with my condition typically have severe myopia that progresses very quickly, so I’m thankful for any bit of improvement. :blush:


Angie kudos for your work promoting this site! Please check out on Endmyopia Nanda’s topic with the subject “mind blown” for an excellent discussion of other modalities that might be relevant to you and “dissident” subjects.



Wow, that really expanded my view of free speech. I would venture that “Sargon of Akkad” and I have both a lot in common in our ideology as well as some profound differences. He is articulate and well-versed in verifiable historical context. He makes some excellent points about free speech, like the dissident voice is needed, even if it’s Alex Jones’. But in other “Sargon of Akkad” videos it becomes clear that his main objective is promoting what is, in the current vernacular, a “populist agenda”. But what I think of Sargon, and his ideas are another subject.

My ideas about free-speech and what it means was expanded by watching this video.
So there is both convergence and divergence with Sargon’s premise about “free speech” and mine. In short, the idea of “free speech” is a lie. Free speech is merely a societal agreement within certain limits and boundaries. Even in the most ideal of liberal democracies, free speech is and always will be compromised. I have my own treatise on free speech but it’s probably outside the scope of what is appropriate on endmyopia, but if you’re interested, it’s here, Cognitive Dissonance in Contemporary Populism, by me.

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Angie From your videos I found endmyopia :smile: and Jake


I want to give you an impression of what happened when I clicked the link you posted.

  • I realized that this is a Facebook page. If this weren’t Le Meow and you weren’t someone I had seen active over time, I would have closed the page right there.
  • Because of past Endmyopia links, I still have a Facebook account I didn’t delete. I tried logging in with it.
  • Facebook required a validation of my email address. Okay, whatever.
  • Facebook required a change of password. But they are not trustworthy, since they have leaked passwords before, so I don’t trust them with anything about my usual password format. Therefore, I opened an encrypted container to log a new password that is very different to my usual ones.
  • When I finally opened the link without the login wall, I got this:

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

They got one thing right. This is for an audience I’m not in.

Wow, I appreciate your feedback on all the points! And that you recognized me as active on this site:wink:. I thought that would be a good place to post things that aren’t strictly relevant to Le Meow. I’ll PM you instead. because I do want feedback.

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I just removed chrome from my Android device and started using duckduckgo for browsing and the search bar.

Even though I always had it turned off, they forced me to be logged in so they could track all of my searches. Mercola already warned about their practises a year ago, seems he was right. Good bye Google, it’s been a pleasure, now it’s a pain…

B.t.w., I didn’t catch your intro post for Le Meow in December @Angie, but I just want to say that it’s an honor to have you with us. You are a great inspiration to newbies starting on this path. I myself saw your material on myopia reversal and you make such a great case telling others that it is possible, doable and that one should just go and do it. Thanks for your great contributions to the cause :pray:


My hubby and I both uninstalled Google (well, as much as possible) from all our devices and are using Duck Duck Go as well. Every little bit helps, I guess. Thanks for the encouraging words! I’m so glad my videos have been helpful. :slight_smile:


They either think you are Jewish or a Conservative, so they demoted you.

This may be a silly question. How do you uninstall Google and use duck duck go? And if you don’t have a goigle account, what options disappear for you?
I do online billing on Google chrome for my therapy clients and I think it is the only engine the insuring companies use. If I uninstall Google as my main search engine, would Google chrome still work just for my billing do you think? Sorry, I am a bit technology-challenged😕

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you don’t uninstall a search engine, you just pick one. Just change your default search engine for the one of your choice. For example, in Firefox you go to options, search, and choose your default search engine to duckduckgo. I’m sure in google chrome there is an option to use another search engine too.


or Christian



Wow. This is downright scary. I bet they’re just fine with “Muslim.”


Hey Angie. How are things going your side? Will you send and update some time?

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All the latest updates are on my YouTube channel. I have had a lot going on with my health lately and am having major surgery in a couple of weeks. I’ll try to upload a new video when I’m able, but there are no new developments on the vision front since my last video update.