YouTube for Kids: Yikes


Interesting. Yeah, I’ve never understood turning your young kid loose on the internet. Its kind of like turning them loose in the middle of a large city. There’s good things to be found and there are really dangerous things to be found, and it takes guidance and/or a level of maturity to be able to safely navigate.


For sure. I went so far as to buying property the farthest possible away from big cities, to plant the little one. Lots of rivers and lakes and mountains, and not any screens.

I see toddlers in strollers literally holding on to smartphones. Sucks!


Oh wow…how upsetting. Never even heard of this. When my friend’s kids were 6 and 8, I helped her put parental controls to enter a password whenever using the internet. She later told me she gave them the password because every Google was driving her crazy and besides she trusts her kids. Ugh! I hate this world sometimes… it’s out of control.


The Dark web isn’t as far away from the ‘regular’ web as we think…:unamused:

what I’m struck with is how ignorant most parents are to what ‘might’ be happening here. i like his point that when the facebooks of the world say that things will be moderated by human beings, that those ‘Gatekeepers’ are probably the same ones taking over the global service jobs, the ones that answer your Customer Service calls but know little about what you called about.

this is going back almost 7 years, before I pulled the plug on ALL screen time from my toddler. I sat her down in front of an Elmo video on YouTube, went into the kitchen to make her lunch and when I came back 5 minutes later, she was watching a grainy video on Head-chopping during Cambodian wartime. She was 3; no doubt she was clicking whatever came up on that panel on the right hand side. Luckily, she had no idea of what was going on… I am not making it up.


I used to get pity reactions from other adults because my kids couldn’t use an iPad or smartphone as a toddler. Whaaaat? I always kept my thoughts to myself but couldn’t understand why the iPad and random YouTube video was being used as a babysitter.


Wow your story is indeed SHOKING and I think I’ll steal it to share with people I would want to convince that even technically supervised Internet time might be really touchy with children.

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Claire_Szeto, I have had random things come up on autoplay on YouTube. She might now have even needed to click. I don’t know how the metrics work that choose what comes on next, but mine ran from a Robin Williams conversation with Jay Leno > a talent contest clip > something about a fundamentalist church > cute rescue dog > trailers for horror movies.