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Since I find it totally inspiring to hear from other people about how they get along, I think we should start some sort of link list of videos on youtube etc. (apart from Master Jakey’s videos of course which can be found on his channel which you surely already know -

First off, a more general video which I liked because it independently comes to the same conclusions as Endmyopia:

Todd Becker’s Talk “Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease” - Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease — Todd Becker, M.S. (AHS14) - YouTube

Now, for other people who use Endmyopia or a similar method to get back to 20/20 (alphabetical order):

Feel free to add :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Also note that at the end of Todd:s video he references, which was the precursor to endmyopia.

Great idea to compile a master list!


New entry:


Awesome. Created a playlist including all suggestions in this thread.


Thanks for including me guys. I’m honored. I watched some of these videos when I was first discovering the idea of myopia reversal. I hope my video can help someone else find the right info to fix their myopia. Thanks again, Jake!


This is a recent one from Cliff Hayes. I found it really interesting, though I love math.


Adding @Benal


@jakey: Just noticed that your channel has now more than 10’000 subscribers. Yay!
Also: Did you realize you have already got more than 16 hours of content? :sunglasses:


Yea saw that. High on the list to get more serious about the Youtube bits (which so far is in perpetual casual sort of experimenting territory). :slight_smile:

Adding @Laurens -

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Another video on my channel. I talk about “diopter angst.” I feel like I get too repetitive, but really want to hammer home the message: reducing faster does not equal faster progress. My advice - map out a long term, 0.75 diopter per year rate of improvement for yourself, put your reductions on the calendar, and just stick to the schedule. Even if you’re seeing super clearly and want to reduce sooner, you’ll run up against a nasty plateau (at least I did…), so take your time and enjoy clarity when you have it.


Nice video Matt! Thanks for posting.

I can totally relate to that, I know the feeling. When I started searching for answers about myopia and vision improvement (before finding, I also had this urge to reduce as fast as possible, I think it also stems from the latent fear (or Angst, I just love how that German term got absorbed into English, it is so typical German to have Angst :slight_smile:) of the risks of myopia, like glaucoma, retinal detachment etc.

Now I think that maybe it makes sense that it all goes so slowly. A colleague of mine had some surgery because of high eye pressure and the surgery suddenly reduced all the pressure down to a point where his eyeball just shrunk to a smaller size which means that his retina is now sort of “crumbled up” like the skin of a baloon that has lost air. Result is he sees only 20/30 now on that eye…

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We dutchies also have the word “Angst”. Not that relevant of course, but German, Dutch (I should say Hollandic/Netherlandic) and English are West-Germanic languages.

Fun fact, the English came to Nieuw Amsterdam (before they bought it and changed it into New York). They saw the people there (us Netherlandic people) and they said: Hay, they speak Deutsch. So that’s how we ended up with Dutch instead of Hollandic/Netherlandic. Gotta love those (simple and a little ignorant) English colonists.


I was searching about angst and it’s also similar in Spanish (angustia) or Catalan (angoixa). Mmm… far from dutch, german, english… but still too similar to be a coincidence. I’ll watch that vídeo soon!

Adding @Francesc -

Very well explained, Matt. No need to run, better enjoy the way and see as better as possible all the time. I will give myself some time until november or so, for a little more improvement, because if I don’t get close to a good night vision before winter comes, then I could be tempted to increase 0,25. I never considered this option because I wanted to give good use to my almost 300 euros distance vision glasses I’m wearing now, and I also had a newbie hope that the first months could be somehow fast in improvement, as it was spring.

Thanks! There’s some trial and error to finding the balance. Sometimes we want more challenge, then we find ourselves in situations where there’s too much blur, then readjust. Repeat, repeat.

Can never get it perfect, but in the long run that’s good because it keeps us striving to get out of the glasses.


Adding Steven Kraft -

Adding more:

Scroll up all the way (or click on the thread title) to see the full list.

Cheers, Michael

Found a video from Cahlen.

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