ZD reset for astigmatism/diopter ratio

Emboldened by the experience of the young tree shrews (from the science section of the endmyopia website), I decided to go without glasses for an entire week, earlier this month. While I (predictably) did not magically become emmetropic, here’s what did happen:
When I went back to glasses, I was able to reduce (easily) by 1/2 diopter AND…
I no longer needed/wanted the lingering astigmatism correction and extra spherical correction in my non-dominant eye. I was able to reset to a completely flat visual plane!!!
I was in low-myopia range when I tried this (-1.75 sph in the dominant eye; -2.00 sph -.75 cyl in the other), and had successfully reduced my cyl correction by .25D in a previous reduction.
I thought this might be helpful to others who have gone from medium/high to low myopia with extra complexity in the non-dominant eye. I had planned a gradual convergence, but apparently in my case the (very real) astigmatism was secondary to the high-ish (5D) myopia, and a hard reset later in the process was sufficient.


In the 5 1/2 weeks since I posted this, I’ve gradually given back most of the gains from this experiment, so I’m not sure I would recommend it to others at this point.


Three hour resets seem to be okay at least. I had to change back to my cylinder differentials after two weeks because of a twitch in my forehead. The twitch disappeared in one week. Phew!

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