Zee: -9.00 To -5.00 In A Year

Yes, that’s not ideal, letting the cylinder to diopter ratio creep that high - still, Zee’s getting there with her 20/20 gains!


I’m curious to see if she can keep up this pace, great work!

@jakey: Wow, that’s REALLY motivating!!! :smile:
Thanks for sharing this great story! :+1:

@laurens … doubtful. I never point that out though since there’s no way of knowing for sure, and I’d rather have them be optimistic for as long as the rapid gains happen.

At some point it seems you are done with overcorrection, fixing ciliary spasm, leveraging active focus, and then it tends to be the same 0.25 every 3-4 months for most people.


In her specific case, she has three more mayor obstacles, getting that pesky astigmatism out, equalizing (and not just a little) and the final dioptre of course. Let’s hope she doesn’t get discouraged when it starts slowing down.

I always wonder why the last diopter is so tricky. From the view point of physics/optics, there is no obvious difference, we are still talking about a system of combined lenses.

Maybe it’s because of the narrowing diopter gap to “no glasses” which becomes the differential at that point? One could of course start using plus lenses for that, but then you’d probably end up with “presbyopia” due to lazyness.

Sigh. Guess you don’t get something for nothing…

@Jakey: Do you have any reports from students who were stubborn and did use plus lenses? Did they get to zero faster?

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The short answer (for me at least, since I’m in that area right now) is, once you are around -1.25/-1.0, there is no blur left, everything in the distance is just misaligned. That is a bit different and not just solved by some active focus. Furthermore, once you are around -1.0, you get to 20/40 with your own eyes. So what do you do with -0.75, -0.5 and -0.25? That’s also tricky, those small reductions are usually not that helpful since nothing get’s you to 20/40 already. The final dioptre is a funky animal, but a fun challenge to undertake.


Wow, very inspiring. I think I’m going to take a tip from her and whenever I’m bored and think about playing on my phone I’m going to force myself to go exercise

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Great results, so far.

Hello All,

I am currently at L-450 cylinder -375 and R-475 cylinder -375. Am wondering if anyone out there familiar with these numbers?



Time for some basic reading, you should definitely understand the fundamentals which are explained in a lot of detail in the e-mail series and the blog.

Once you covered everything we spent time putting together to answer these exact questions, then come check back in.

At the beginning (-9 D), what was the cyl diopter of this case?. Because I can read in this case a cyl of -1.25 and 2.25 D. Can you please show the cyl improvement throughout his/her journey?