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Yes, I made use of that offer to order another 2 pairs of reductions - a little premature, but I know I will get there. They are pairs I and J (that’s how many reduced pairs I have bought to date :crazy_face:) My left eye is stuck at C and the right eye is no longer challenged at F (crazy diopter gap developing :face_with_monocle:) and is ready for pairs G and H which are waiting for me at home in France when I return next week. All have the same frame, the lenses are fairly easy to pop out and in again, and I can mix and match to accommodate my ‘lazy’ left eye and ‘speedy’ right eye.


I’m so glad you’re able to track that. Once I finish with a pair it goes in the bag. This is a one way trip! :smile:

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Hi Hannie

A friend I know said she had very unequal readings as a child. Her mom would patch the strong eye and allow her to play video games at a just - out - of focus distance.
Into video games ?


Not at all. I spend as little time as possible at the screen - and my vice is reading books. I am not into patching either, as I have read totally contradictory advice on patching - patch the strong eye/patch the weak eye.
I am happy with the improved vision I have with the right eye and the left can take its time to catch up.


I hope it is one way for me too - but I will save all the frames and the lenses without cylinder (labelled), and offer them at some time in the future to a charity eye clinic in India. There will be rather a lot of these.


(Not really Zenni, but a promo code nevertheless) I have recently ordered some glasses from firmoo.com and got a 50% referral coupon to share. They ship to Europe within two weeks and are probably faster in the US, so if you’d like a coupon it’s D5O8C6. Also, I think it would be a nice idea to donate within the community the glasses we have ordered by mistake and never wore :see_no_evil:, especially if there’s no cylinder correction it’s not that improbable that someone in the general region needs this exact prescription. I think there is a similar concept for contacts on Facebook already, but what about glasses?


Thank you very much. BTW, @jakey s referal link for Zennie isn’t working. I don’t know how to let him know except with maybe this message.

He, Jake, was talking about the Zenni referral issue in a video recently. Possibly a podcast. I don’t remember details though.

Yeah, you are right. I did see that. It was his recent interview with Shelly. I was thinking the link would still work to show where they are getting their business from but I guess they totally disabled his referral link. Too Bad, I wonder if anyone else here would do a referral link and if they are so inclined could just donate the funds from it to Jake? Hum? Anyone?

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