Zenni won't do plano with prism value, alternatives?

I’m looking for something with nosepads in the 10-15 dollar range that are decent. Warby Parker doesn’t have anything cheap with nose pads and every other place I looked at online starts a lot higher. Any siggestions? I’m desperate for my prism corrected glasses that were prescribed, and I’m using my insurance covered pair for my distance prescription.

I had this same issue. Ended up ordering plano from firmoo. One problem is that I paid $5 for lens thinning which wasn’t done and when I complained they said it was due to the prism. They don’t have an issue thinning at non plano, so somehow it confused them.

Prisms on firmoo are free and you can use referrer code V4Z8A0 at checkout for up-to 50% off.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Goggles4u and EyeBuyDirect. Goggles4u is cheaper, especially if you use their coupons for 47% off. EyeBuyDirect (Essilor) has some fancier options. Both of them do prism for not very much additional money.

Prism is about $15 extra on Goggles4u ($8 after the discount). It’s easy to get whatever you want for under $20 even with anti-reflective coatings or lens tints.

Both companies have good online chat customer service and toll free numbers. I haven’t had them mess up any of my orders.